About Elise Yeakley

Elise Yeakley is an award-winning writer, professional editor, journalist, and published author. She has interviewed a wide range of talented people, including stars of hit TV shows and movies such as Arrow, The Hobbit, Napoleon Dynamite, and The Walking Dead. She is currently working as a writer for Geek Insider and as the managing editor for ReelGuru.com. She wrote her first novel at the age of eleven, graduated high school at the age of seventeen, published her first novel at the age of nineteen, and has made it onto top 100 Amazon bestseller lists. In the fall of 2016, she released the first issue of her Beauty Awoken comic series; the second issue is underway. She is also working on an interactive novel app, a contemporary young adult fiction book entitled The Things We Said, and much more. 

Elise has been published in various literary periodicals, including The Nassau Review and Essig Magazine, and has experience being a reader for the literary journal Kindred, an imprint of Anchor & Plume Press. She has also worked as an editorial intern for Christopher Matthews Publishing and as an editor for other companies, magazines, and websites.

You can stay up to date on Elise's work and can see exclusive content on some of her material on her blog, "Behind the Scenes." She will also be releasing chapters of her novel The Things We Said twice a week, which will be available on her Patreon page. She will also be revealing exclusive content on her Patreon page as well, such as behind-the-scenes looks at her screenplay, the movie being worked on for the adaptation of The Things We Said after its release, songs and playlists written for the book as well as songs the author liked to listen to whilst writing certain scenes, comic book sketches for Beauty Awoken, sneak peeks at upcoming issues (she will be releasing pages of this series multiple times a week as well), and more! To become a patron and get exclusive content in your inbox each week, check out her Patreon page here today.

On top of being a writer and busy single mom, Elise is finishing up her B.A. degree in English with a literature emphasis and enjoys reading and spending time with her loved ones.

Some of her work can be found under the name "Elise Pehrson."

A unique and riveting entertainment from beginning to end, and one that clearly establishes that author Elise Pehrson [Yeakley] is an impressively talented novelist of the first order
— Midwest Book Review, on "The Angelnots"